Sunday, 11 January 2009


this tutorial was created on 20th january 08

It was written for those that have a workingknowlege of PSP

This tut was done in PSP X

this is how i made the tag,my ideas, my concepts, any similaritiesare purely coincidental,do not claim as your own.

You will need the following supplies:
Tube: im using the fabulous art ofJasmin Becket-Griffith
you must have a licence to use theartwork found here
Fonts: Bruce Mikita & Bankgothic Md Bt
Frame,flower & dangly ribbon made by meplz do not share thesesend people to the tutorial
Supplies Here

Okay lets start:
1.File - New - New image
600x500 all ur supplies ready
3.floodfill your new canvas with whiteso we can see what we're doing
4.get the frame and copy and paste onto the canvas
5.using ur magic wand click inside the frameselections - modify - expand by 10
6.add a new raster layer and put this layerbelow the frame and floodfill with colour of choiceadd a texture to it and then go to selections - none
7.add the flower and resize to taste and positionto the top corner then duplicate and go toimage - mirror
8.get your ribbon and copy and pasteposition it and drag it so its under the flowerduplicate and go to image - mirror
9.add your tube and postition
10.type out some text. i.e welcome to the group
11. add ur name
11.add your copyright info
there you have it...
save how you would normally
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

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