Sunday, 11 January 2009

Spinning Rite Round

this tutorial was created on 13th November 07

It was written for those that have a workingknowlege of PSP

This tut was done in PSP X

this is how i made the tag,my ideas, my concepts, any similaritiesare purely coincidental,do not claim as your own.

You will need the following supplies:
Animation shop
Tube: im using the fabulous art ofBarbara Jensen
you must have a licence to use herartwork
Font:Varsity regular
Mask:i used Becky_Mask042ty for letting us use these masks

Okay lets start:
1.File - New - New image
2.floodfill with whiteso we can see what we're doing raster layerfloodfill with a dark colour and apply your maskof choice and delete mask layer and merge group copy & paste tube
5.go to preset shape, and find gear 3and with your foreground set as whiteand your background set at #264069with line width set at 5draw out your shape to fit round your tubedrag this layer below your tube.resize tube if required & add a drop shadow of choice to the shape and your tube.
6.making sure your on your shape layerwith your magic wand, click on the bluecolour and applyeffects - texture effects - fine leatherwith these settings:blur 6transparency 252number of furrows 16length of furrows 6angle 239colour blackselections - select none (deselect) make some more gear shapes alternatingthe colours, so that you have some blue & somewhite and position them to choice
8.add your copyright info & add text of choice
9.then if you don't want to animate your tagthen your finished and save as you would normally
Animating the tag! the shapes you want toanimate and copy and paste intoanimation shop seperately and apply thefollowingeffects - insert image effectfind the one called *spiral* with these settingseffect length 1.6frames per second 10fpsthen click okdo that setting for each of the gear shapesyou want animating go back to psp and merge visible everythingEXCEPT your tube & the 2 shapes you just animated
12.paste your merge visible tag into animation shopthen go to:edit - duplicate selecteddo this till you have the same number of framesas your animated gear shapes you just animated get your first gear shape and go toedit - select all - copythen highlight your main tag and then go toedit - select all - paste into selected framedo this with both of your gear shapesand put them in the position desired
14.go back to psp and copy and paste your tubeinto animation shop edit - duplicate selectedtill you have the same number of framesas your tagedit - select all - copyhighlight your main tagedit - select all - paste into selected frame
(we don't need the gears as there in animation shopalready animated)
there you have your finished tag
save how you would normally
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

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